Our Services:

We provide a complete integrated solution for Building Technologies projects through our in house services and commitment to quality that exceed clients expectations.

Sales & Marketing:

Sales and marketing units have the responsibility of designing and pricing of all tendered projects. They recommend the recent technologies of our partners’ product lines to consultants, contractors, and owners. Building strong long term relations with our clients remain as their core objective.

Sales teams maneuver between their Farmer/Hunter skills to ensure successful closing of the deals. Having variety of in house range of products and services, enrich their activities in cross selling as well as bundle selling.


The engineering team provides specialized engineering services sourced from both, industry standards as well as our own expertise gained along the past 4 decades.

We focus our experience and efforts to create effective and efficient solutions for our customers in the design and engineering of Building Management System, Fire Alarm System, Access &

Security Systems, and Electrical System (Motor Control Centers MCC, Main Distribution Boards MDB, and Lighting Control Panels LP). Our services are developed by an experienced team of engineers specialists in their field.


Our expertise extends beyond the disciplines of Sales, and submittal of engineering drawings. We also assemble specialized panels, with the optimum utilization of panels’ space, that range in complexity from simple FCU control panels up to the 5500amp Type Tested LV main distribution boards (LVMDBs).

Throughout the entire process, reliable test & calibration

equipment are used, quality-assurance assembly process is followed, and IEC standard routine test is performed. This enables us to continuously enhance our production processes.


We provide comprehensive low voltage installation services with the highest levels of professionalism, attention to details and expertise.

Skilled engineers offer professional services for all types of low voltage systems installations. Our dedication to each client extends beyond current needs, we install today what can meet the demands of tomorrow.


Proven start-up and commissioning procedures are essential to the long-term reliability and efficiency of any Building Technologies System. Moreover, it also provides valuable benchmark information that can be used for the equipment’s future maintenance program.

Majority of Startup and commissioning teams are trained directly by the manufacturers and are very well oriented with consultant demands and customer/end user requirement. Commissioning engineers excel in trouble shooting problems found at site and facilitate their problem solving strategies.


Maintenance services will undoubtedly extend the lifecycle of Building Technologies Systems’ equipment installed at your location allowing downtime and repair costs to be minimized while saving on operating cost. By carrying out PPM at regular intervals, any potential problems can be highlighted and risk of system failure resulting in unforeseen losses can be mitigated.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and working closely with our clients to ensure they achieve the most suitable maintenance support across their sites. We offer different flexible categories of maintenance contracts, all of which can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Prepare & Prevent instead of Repair & Repent.