SIEMENS Building Products Solution Partner

BMS maintains occupant comfort and safety, whilst ensuring energy efficiency and Lowering operating costs.

The correct operation of a BMS is essential for optimal building performance. Nowadays, energy savings are integral to retaining a building’s value. Moreover, BMS is an essential diagnostic capabilities tool to proactively improve any non-performance of equipment.

Direct Digital Controllers (DDC) Service independent HVAC, Electrical, or Plumbing equipment’s distributed around the building. These controllers are linked together using a local area network, or via existing IT back bone, that is connected to a Supervisor Station which typically provides the user interface for monitoring and altering control settings.

As a Solution Partner for Siemens for more than 4 decades, PETROKIMA provides the Design, Engineering, Assembly of Control Panels, Programming, Commissioning, Start up , Operation & Maintenance for the complete BMS.

Siemens Building Technologies provides complete portfolio from field device level to management level. Siemens portfolio includes but not limited to Sensors, Detectors, Transmitters/Transducers, Valves and Actuators, Damper actuators, Variable speed drives, Heat/Water/Electricity meters, Controllers, and Building Automation Systems.

Siemens Building Technologies provides several open standard communication protocols (BACnet/OPC/Modbus/SNMP/ONVIF/HTTP/STMP/ KNX) for all its controllers.

Open Protocols are necessary to offer interoperability within same BMS as well as across different building 3rd party services and systems (HVAC equipment, Lighting Controls, Security/Access, Fire Alarm System .. etc.).

PETROKIMA boasts the largest references including different types of projects with 25000+ Physical Data Points, and 10000+ Integrated Data Points with

3rd Party Systems are already



Realize savings efficiently without sacrifices – with the Building Automation and Control System Desigo CC. That provides centralized, intelligent energy management, innovative energy saving functions, and the effective interaction of all system components and processes.

The tested Desigo plant applications comply with European Standard EN 15232 in the highest energy performance classes. Their use, for example, can reduce energy costs for volume flow control of ventilation plants up to 30% compared to constant air volume control. In addition, a number of design room applications are already eubac-certified.

Third party items from well-known brand names are provided to meet the project requirements:

* Billing Software.

* Pressure Independent PICV & Balancing Control Valves

* Ultrasonic BTU Meters

* Water & Electromagnetic Heat Meter



PETROKIMA Switchboards solutions are complete and customized low-voltage (LV) solutions for power distribution and Motor Control under Siemens and Rittal licenses. PETROKIMA represents decades of expertise. Our strong commitment to maximize safety, and efficiency at challanging delivery times puts us in the lead.


engineered using high-quality European components.

Switchboard solutions are fully type tested. They are fully compliant with the IEC/EN 61 439-1, and -2.

  • Busbar rating up to 5500 A
  • High levels of short circuit withstand strength up to I cw100 kA for 1 sec./I pk 220 kA.
  • A wide variety of protection levels (up to IP66 NEMA 44/x).
  • Structured system solution for switchboard with form separation 1-4b.

PETROKIMA solutions are modular and easily adaptable. We offer extensive pre-engineered features to support fast and efficient installations, by Rittal.

After sales service is made up of a proffissional and responsive sales team supported by qualified and experienced commissioning, maintenance and installation teams.

PETROKIMA Switchboard Solution and projects are well recognized in Egypt, Africa, and Middle East.

Rittal – The System

PETROKIMA offers innovative products from the areas of enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure into one system platform. Supplemented with extensive range of software tools.

  • Enclosures and IT racks from small cases and compact enclosures, through to entire enclosure systems.
  • Types: Stand-alone, TS 8 bayed enclosures and Ri4power panels which are type tested and provide high protection category up to IP 66 / NEMA 4X
  • Material: Aluminum, Plastic, Polycarbonate, Sheet Steel and Stainless Steel versions.
  • Approvals: ATEX, C-UL, C-UR, CV-GL, IEC Ex, NA, TÜV, UL, UL+CUL and VDE
  • Environmental Conditions: Weather-proof, scalable indoor/outdoor enclosures and system solutions
  • Accessories: provide fast one-hand assembly, maximum flexibility and come as standard products.
  • In the field of Power Distribution the switchgear system Ri4Power and the power distribution system RiLine, provides a reliable power supply to suit virtually all applications.
  • IT Infrastructure includes micro-data center as a stand-alone solution for SMEs and complete data center, supplying concepts and products in any size to suit any IT infrastructure.
  • Climate Control solutions ensure that heat loss from the components is efficietly removed. Our product potfolio

to sophisticated cooling concepts for IT infrastructures such as CRAC and LCP, in addition to Chillers handled via a single pipeline system.

  • Clever solutions with Rittal software including Rittal Therm (Mobile app), which allows you to calculate the climate control requirements of enclosures in advance and RiZone which allows easy management and monitoring of entire data centers, from power supply and distribution, to cooling, through to the security system and provide calculation of PUE.


Colt Smoke Control Systems

Colt pioneered the science of smoke control in 1954 and has been leading the field ever since. Since then, we have designed, manufactured and serviced smoke control systems and products all over the world. We have unrivalled experience in the field.

Colt has the widest range of completed smoke control projects and the largest range of certified products of anyone in the field. Colt is involved in the full lifecycle of a project from design and production through to installation and servicing. Whether it’s a new building or a refurbishment project, Colt understands the entire process and has a reputation of commitment to completing all our projects, no matter how big, small or challenging. Being a long established and financially secure company helps us give our customers peace of mind. As a Colt customer, you can rest assured – we will not walk away.

Colt solutions include

  • Natural Smoke ventelation
  • Smoke and fire containment
  • Mechanical smoke ventelation
  • Pressurisation for smoke control
  • Car Park ventilation
  • Daylight solutions to save energy costs.


Completely safe – with top products from ….

Siemens Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation Systems

– ligent Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems  Scalable from small to very large, from simple to complex making them easy to expand.

of the danger area via voice messages, and extinguishing systems are activated.

Siemens presents an intelligent system platform – reliable, deception-free, and economic. A fast and reliable Fire Alarm System is the core of every comprehensive fire safety concept. Thanks to its intelligent technology.

  • Fire detectors – intelligent safety for standard and sophisticated applications

At PETROKIMA, we believe in helping clients to create a perfect place – perfectly designed for its purpose.

Siemens Fire Fighting Systems

Reliable Extinguishing Systems optimally protect assets, business processes, and people. The Sinorix™

227, Sinorix™ 1230, N2, Ar, and CO2 extinguishing solutions are based on a chemical agent and natural gases with excellent extinguishing properties.

solution also includes a comprehensive service offering from risk assessment, system design, and installation to commissioning and maintenance.

Only Smart Buildings Survive!


‘Security Solutions to Meet Your Requirements … Agile, Adaptable, Dependable, Easy to install Easy to integrate and Easy to use’

Systems are easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain,  long-term goals when it comes to securing your facility.

Whether a smaller web-based system or a more sophisticated, scalable enterprise system. Vanderbilt (previously Siemens) can provide an affordable and effective solution to security issues by using one platform with many data protocols.

The thousands of our systems installed throughout the world provide continuing testament to the function al effectiveness and dependability of Vanderbilt Industries’ systems.

Vanderbilt is your resource for Access Control software, hardware and Video Management solutions, as well as associated components like card readers, credentials and system accessories.

Liquid Leak Detection Solution

TTK – France is leading manufacturer specialized in Liquid Leak Detection Systems. TTK provide proper solutions to detect, locate and react to the leaks at early stage. Provided solutions are suitable for Data Centers, Oil Tanks, and Laboratories. It include different types of sense cables (for detecting conductive or non-conductive liquids) and fully addressable solutions that may be integrated with BMS when required.