Why Petrokima ?

An experienced staff trained in Switzerland and Germany, is fully capable of design, engineering, commissioning, start-up and maintenance of projects of any size. These are located in Headquarters, in Sheikh Zayed City ;while a staff of experienced & competent engineers, technicians & electricians in our factory in 6th. October City, which occupies 10000 square meters area, are responsible for control and electrical panels assembly and/or site installations according to internationally recognized standards.

To implement innovative solutions that lead in inspiring, providing, and maintaining the latest Integrated Building Technologies and relevant engineered products to facilitate an environment where people feel comfortable, safe, secured and valued.

Our Values


The commitment to implement quality control on all in house processes.


We strive to be the pioneer control educating school in our field of expertise. We aspire to be the employer of choice in our industry.


The ability to deliver what we promise.


The courage to maintain right from wrong without compromise.


We build positive, and long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Based on trust, respect, and collaboration with our clients, joint-venture partners, suppliers, and PETROKIMA teams.

About Us:

Petrokima was founded in 1977 by Eng.Sami S.Aman

Petrokima has more than 50 engineers, 30 administrators, 100 technicians on permanent payroll + 60 up to 200 Casual payroll depending on number and size of projects in hand.

Petrokima is your Trusted partner; technically capable of providing control system solutions, Fire safety and security solutions, with superior technical assistance before, during and after project completion.

Strong relationship with the “people” in the market, constant client satisfaction by Petrokima’s Performance.

Petrokima provides superior after sales support to our clients, in the form of assisted operation for the first few months, free support visits when needed, free upgrades when possible and locally available stock, thus making clients comfortable in dealing with Petrokima, knowing that we will always be there for them, and consequently encouraging maintenance and operation contracts ( added value for sold projects generating yearly dependable income )

Petrokima is a very strong name in third party integration. We rely on our expertise and the support of SBT Switzerland to provide successful examples for third party integration, this encourages customers with integration requirements to use what has previously been tried and tested and thus gives Petrokima a competitive advantage in projects with integration requirements.

Petrokima knows that one of our main assets is the technical competence of our staff. Accordingly a lot of time and money is spent for the continuous training and workshops for our staff in our offices as well as participating in trainings organized by SBT Swizerland.

Total Building solutions:
Petrokima recognizes the popular trend of “smart buildings” and thus TBS are more and more specified in projects than before. Having a technically tested and reliable solution allows Petrokima to be very competitive in projects with such requirements.

Energy Efficiency LEED:
Petrokima has the knowledge and the expertise required to provide energy efficient Green Buildings thus saving money for owner and preserving our planet.

Petrokima Factory in 6 October, Egypt