Actions-arrow-right-icon First Residence including Four Seasons hotel, Residential apartments, commercial centre and Casino.

Actions-arrow-right-icon 2 Desigo Insight stations with a total of 12000 datapoints.

Actions-arrow-right-icon Fire Alarm Interface, Metering System Interface and security System Interface.

Actions-arrow-right-icon Fire Alarm system Algorex, analogue plus/ Voice evacuation system 1500 fire alarm points, 2 CC1142 panels, DMS7000 danger management system.

Actions-arrow-right-icon In this Project Petrokima was the Sub Contractor for electrical and light current works.


four-seasonsActions-arrow-right-icon Four Seasons Hotel at Nile Plaza.

Actions-arrow-right-icon 1 Desigo Insight with 5000 datapoints.

Actions-arrow-right-icon Chillers interface and Energy meter interface.


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